Government Relations

Armando Gomez Consulting leverages a wealth of government experience to create winning solutions for clients in a wide range of areas including procurement, land use and regulation. Led by a former Councilmember and former Budget Director for the Mayor of San Jose, we have extensive experience in policy development and government and community relations.

Project Development

If you want to develop a project in the Bay Area, understanding and navigating the regulatory approval process is essential. Armando Gomez Consulting can offer a clear roadmap to navigate the complex requirements necessary to execute a project from start to finish.

Whether it be guiding a development through the extensive and detailed approval process, or assisting with the political process. Armando Gomez Consulting’s in-depth experience can produce results.

Armando Gomez Consulting can assist with the following:

·      Public Hearings

·      Introductions to decision makers

·      Coalition Building

·      Community Relations

·      Problem Solving

·      Feasibility studies

Policy Analysis

Armando Gomez Consulting can study the impact of government policy across a wide range of issues facing our clients. Businesses are making complex decisions involving regulated industries that are made even more complex given the changing political and regulatory environment. We have years of experience in government advising and creating workable solutions.

Issues we study for our clients include:

·      The effect of policy and other regulations on competitiveness

·      Comparative analysis of proposed policy alternatives

·      Analysis of unintended consequences